07 - 10 APRIL 2022

Água de Pau - São Miguel island - Azores - Portugal

Azores 100 Miles is a journey through the bowels of the island of São Miguel, in a constant winding of ups and downs. It takes the athlete on the best trails on the island, passing by the highest and wildest peaks, lakes of volcanic origin, geothermal sources with smokers, waterfalls and caves, fishing and farming villages, dormant volcanoes, tea plantations and sparkling water springs .

The island of São Miguel, the largest in the archipelago, measuring 62.1 kilometers in length and 15.8 kilometers in maximum width, is the stage for the Azores 100 Miles. The area of 744.7 km2 is home to more than half of the Azorean population: 137 856 inhabitants (2011 census). Ponta Delgada is the capital city of the Azores and has the largest airport. The highest point on the island (1105 m altitude) is located at Pico da Vara.

Ilha de São Miguel - Açores

This island, being a land of volcanic descent, is characterized by the numerous scars from the cones of the volcanoes that characterize the landscape that gave rise to the island. The volcanoes of the 7 Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Lagoa das Furnas and Povoação stand out. One of the proofs of this activity is the thermalism of hot and carbonated waters.

The islands of the archipelago are divided in geographic groups: the Eastern Group, comprising Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group comprising Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial islands, and the Western Group comprising Corvo and Flores islands . The Azores, together with the Madeira, Canary Islands and Cape Verde archipelagos define the biogeographic region of Macaronesia, a designation that means “lucky islands”, for those who inhabit them and those who visit them.

The nine islands of the Azores Archipelago are almost all of volcanic origin and are located in the North Atlantic, dispersed along a strip of about 600 km in length from Santa Maria to Corvo and roughly between 37° and 40° of latitude north and 25° and 31° west longitude. There are 246,772 people (2011 census) residing in this island territory of 2, 325 km2, which is at a distance of 1,600 km from the European continent and 2454 km from the North American continent (Canada).

Azores in action

EPIC Trail Run Azores 2019 - 5ª edition (from the same organization)


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